Resources that we collect -

Missionary Press - Free tracks in many languages - Permission to Print.

Great Coloring Pages

Bibles in lots of languages. Free demographics

Child Evangelism - Free Downloads

Study Bible Tool

Free Stuff For Kid's

Translations of Bible and Study Books, Lexicons, Greek, Hebrew, etc. Permission To Print

Kid's Sermons English and Spanish

Kid's for Christ

Kid's Sunday School

Free Recourses

The Jesus Film

Download the Bible in Several Languages for Free

Free Bible Reference - E-Sword

World Wide Web Resources

Coffee With Pat - Missionary Press - Free tracks in many languages - Great coloring pages - can print out lots of pages - Bibles in lots of languages. Free demographics - White Wing book Store - Resources - Child Evangelism - Free downloads Youth with a mission - Great resources - Christian shirts/Aaron-mission shirts in

different languages Study Bible Tool Tony Miller - Teaching/preacher/CD's DVD's - He is good, ministers at Ron Carpenter, Jr.'s church & IPHC - Ron and Hope Carpenter, Jr. - International School of Ministry International Pentecostal Holiness Church - Making Disciples - Mission organization resources - Click on "Free Stuff" - Very good. Can see all translations of Bible and study books,

Lexicons, Greek, Hebrew, more and can print out.  - Good one (Eng/Spanish text) Children's Ministry Resources - Very good - Bible and tracts in many languages - Jesus film in huge amount of languages - Many resources here Bread of Life Ministries, several resources /free_bible_software.htm - Free software Free download of Bible software, Devotions, Commentaries,

Dictionaries, Maps, and much more - Free Bible online resource, great for copying and pasting

Below are links to 100 moral stories written by Islamic man

Open Life Church